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Day at the Museum

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Bwahaha~ 8D The two of us goofed around in the beautiful washroom of the National Museum. Hope you guys made it past the cut to view these. x_x No matter how uneven the lighting was for each picture.
Both of us finally got to go out and take some photographs of our boys! These were some of my shots. Hee, mainly to show off Haiame's hopefully more manly look stimulated by this pair of smexy Sadol jeans. ♥ Unfortunately, the shots I got of Nat's beautiful Hyeonie were blurry. T__T -huggles Hyeon- No fear, I will practise photographing Hyeonie while he's here. ♥ This should prompt Nat to post up her gorgeous photographs once she uploads her assignment reports! ;o;

Backdrop ; National Museum

On Haiame:-
Eyes; Pale Blue 20mm
Wig; Honey Blonde fur wig from Wicked Wigs
Tank; Shuui
Cropped top; Me
Jeans; Sadol

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On October 19th, 2007 04:01 am (UTC), peppermint commented:

I'm sorry I lied when I said I'd upload the photos the other day, but they're there now ♥
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