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Dreamy Child

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For once, I didn't tweak the colours for the photographs I took. ♥
Though I faked some of the blurring to make it seem like my brother's camera can do cool closeups. :)

I feel that from this shoot, he has more things to say now. Usually he seemed two-dimensional with no thoughts of his own. But from these, he seemed more alive and with a personality. (This is in no way meant to scare you guys ^^;)
I love this boy to death~ <3

Dreamy Child ; instrumental by Joe Hisaishi from The Legend of Earthsea
Backdrop ; Seventeen magazine freebie (the cutest free tote bag ever! And designed by an intern!)

Eyes; Pale Blue 20mm
Wig; Kstarr 13.038-R1 M 30a/27a (*I love this wig lots, thank you so much, Kasita! <3 )
Tank; Shuui
Jacket; my mommy

*add on 27th Nov 09: - his info shall go here, it's too much for the profile page :)

Petite and of slight build, Haiame is the epitome of the typical Japanese teenager. He stands at a height of only 1.68m tall, with a well-formed posture and good bone structure. However, with just a wee bit of muscles packed into his upper arms and abdomen.

Haiame usually has his warm copper brown hair bleached a soft, candyfloss pink or platinum blonde. His hair is cut chin-length and layered in a style that loosely frames his fine-boned face. With blue eyes too large, a well-formed nose too small and too soft a mouth, his face is one that is child-like and androgynous. He has fair skin that refuses to become tanned regardless of how much time he spends exposed to the sun, though a deep flush will paint his cheeks rosy.

[+] He favours soft, comfortable knits and t-shirts and loose, baggy pants that hang low on his hips.
[+] Canvas sneakers and the occasional boots are his staple footwear.

Haiame's family background is a little complicated. His British mother passed away after having his younger sister. His father re-married a year later so as to provide a proper family for both his children. He wished for his children to experience both maternal and paternal love. His step-mother had 2 children in tow. Haiame is the second eldest sibling in his new re-constructed family. With a twenty-year-old elder stepbrother, a seventeen-year-old step-sister and a five-year-old sister.
It may seem as though such a family would be basked forever in family love, however, his father made the wrong choice of marrying a woman who still had love for the husband who left her. She only married Haiame's father in hopes of making use of his fortune and generousity. Proving to be a conniving woman drunk with depression, her children were usually the ones who get the worse of her tantrums. Her eldest son was lucky enough to avoid any abuse as he looked so much like his father, and so was Haiame (who moved out to live on his own).

(-) He usually chooses to ignore the negative around him and concentrate on making his life more comfortable, sometimes to the point of missing the needs of the people around him.
(+) He loves his family, including his step siblings. He is affectionate to those he loves and showers them with love.
(-) However, he is sometimes dense and find it difficult to catch on to how people feel. All this stems from how he lives alone most of the time and not taking pains to interact with others to understand the emotions of others.

Haiame is a current university student at a music school, pursuing an honours in a degree in music production. He is talented at composing music and writing lyrics. He tends to be more taciturn, though he may be seen as being mild-mannered, he will not loathe to show his temper when angered.

He holds a romance for rain, nature and soft cushions. He would own cats if his apartment and schedule could allow, and he's a dreamer.

Other than the usual school hours spent on picking up on his future profession, Haiame likes wandering around the streets enjoying the weather, fashion, colours and wonderful smells of good food. Usually he would be dead tired from completing school assignments and be asleep most of the time he is home.

He plays the keyboard and drums very well, and is a fair player with the clarinet and other percussion instruments.

Strengths/ Weaknesses:
[+] a good listener, affectionate
[-] high expectations, indecisive
[+/-] taciturn, blunt

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On August 23rd, 2007 04:06 am (UTC), kamimura commented:
hehe haiame-kun~~ ♥

i love how your photos have the feel of those japanese owners'! very sweet, very mellow and yet somehow also melancholic. hope to see more photos soon!
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On August 23rd, 2007 04:37 am (UTC), fragaria_vesca replied:
Thank you! That's a big compliment to me. 8.8 I like the feelings evoked from the Japanese photographers (both doll and magazine-wise). X3 Yup yup, hope to update more! ^^ I've to get down to sewing for him~
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